Thank you for joining the fun event
Of course you can, its an american format, has to use . instead of ,
It would seem you can not donate 0,50€ so I will pay 6€ the next time
BF1-PC, 4.90 EUR + premium pass free until 18th of September :)
UP-Members sign up: [link]
You do not have access to shout.
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Welcome to UP-Community's website!--BFV release postponed to 20th of November.--Our server has reached over 20K favourites. Thank you for the love!--Join our UP-Community BF1 server: UP-Community- All maps | Premium.--Tired of playing alone? We are recruiting members (18+) for BF1 -Apply at Recruitment. Join us today! We have cookies! --Join our discord! Public access to our server channel.--Check our YouTube channel.--Always search our servers with filter: UP-Community

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We recruit only thru website's application page   

         Tired of public matches where is no teamplay or squadplay?               

No worries, join UP today then you are never alone anymore!  

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        Our popular (over 20K favourites) BF1 server is located in Europe.              

Note: Do not use quickmatch to join servers-it will not bring you to community servers.  

UP-Community BF1 server: all maps + all DLC + Premium

UP-Community BF1 server link
(Note: server browser picture is a static-click picture to see server status) 


                        UP-Community Battlefield 1 server rules

  • Hate talk/Offensive/disrespectful behaviour is not allowed
  • We won't tolerate swastika emblems because of the political and racial implications
  • No cheating, glitching or abusing bugs in the game
  • When the server is full, high pingers will get kicked (155+) to prevent server lags
  • We have VIP members - server might sometimes make room for the VIP 
  • English only in main and team chat
  • No camping with vehicles in the main base (including behemoth)
  • Teamstacking high KD visiting clans (more than 5) in the same team should divide to 2 different teams if they are making server unbalanced

       Constant whining after admins have been warning about it is not allowed

       Breaking these rules may result in a warning, kick, or ban, depending on the severity!

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[UP] Jaskaman LeaderUP-Community fun event (BF1) was held 23rd of September, 2018. 11 UP-Members participated. Thank you for joining!
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r/BattlefieldV - Rent a Server is a key part of Battlefield,...
I represent United Brotherhood, a Battlefield group that really cares about the RSP. We know it won't be here at launch, which has been a precedent in the past with BF4 and BF1.
[UP] Jaskaman LeaderBattlefield V
This is Battlefield V
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Battlefield1 Update: Get Premium Pass for Free for @Battlefi...
[UP] Jaskaman LeaderGet Premium pass for free for BF1 between 11-18th of September.
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