BFV Patch notes: [link]
Poll about RSP (server rentals for BFV), pls vote 10 for RSP [link]
Happy BFV Firestorm day everyone!
Joke for a week: "I got arrested for using non lower case text, it was a capital punishment"
Firestorm trailer hitting at 14/03/19 [link]
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Welcome to UP-Community's website!--Recruitment open for BFV! Apply us today!--Tired of playing alone? We are recruiting members (18+) for BFV -Apply at Recruitment. Join us today! We have cookies! --Join our discord! Public access to our server channel.--Our BF1 server has stopped. Server reached 23K favourites. Thank you for the love and the good moments in our BF1 server!--Check our YouTube channel.--Note: Unfortunately we do not have any info about rented servers for BFV, so we can't tell details when or IF UP-Community will have a server for BFV.

Do not hesitate, soldier: We are recruiting for BFV 

 We recruit only thru the website's application page                          

            Tired of public matches where is no team play or squad play?               

No worries, join UP today then you are never alone anymore! 

Please note, we do play other games as well i.e. Division 2, Anthem etc.   

Battlefield V info and recruitment  
  • UP-Community is recruiting for BFV, apply on our recruitment page! Join us!
  • Note: Check the terms on our recruitment page. 
  • UP-Community has been committed to having servers for the games they recruit,
         but Battlefield V does not have Rented servers (Community servers, RSP) at the

  • We do not have info when Rented servers will be available for the BFV, but when 
        (and if)
     those will be out UP-Community will have a server for BFV as well 
        whenever it's possible

Are you ready? Apply @ recruitment

Join UP-Community Discord by clicking this invitation link

(Note: Our Discord has a public area and UP-Member only area)
Note: Our website is optimized for Chrome  

   Our BF1 server has stopped on 7th of December, 2018 with 23K favourites

We are grateful to a lot of regular players in our server for the fun moments

UP-Community BF1 server link


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