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Don't be a stranger. Introduce yourself to our community/clan.
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By [UP] Oghfoghfoe Staff Sat at 15:38
Info about UP, UP-Community servers, rules.
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By [UP] Jaskaman Leader Oct 13, 18
Hall of Shame: -Got a ban? You think it was a mistake? Fight your case here!
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Battlefield V - Puclic area - info about Battlefield V
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By [UP] Jaskaman Leader Thu at 20:27
This is a public area for Battlefield 1. Subforum: Public clanwar challenges
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By [UP] M0derator BF1Moderators Sep 9, 18
General things -This is for jokes, funny links and chitchat etc
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By [UP] M0derator BF1Moderators Oct 8, 18
Other Games - Info about other games on this public area / BF4
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By [UP] Jaskaman Leader Aug 23, 18
Hardware & Software -your setup's, hardware&sottware updates or problems, if you have a question you want to be answererd to regarding Hardware or Software, you should ask it here.
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By [UP] smogsy BF1 Jul 29, 18
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