These are our UP-Community server rules:

  • Hate talk/Offensive/disrespectful behavior is not allowed
  • We won't tolerate swastika emblems because of the political and racial implications
  • No cheating, glitching, or abusing bugs in the game
  • When server is full, high pingers will get kicked (155+) to prevent server lags
  • We have VIP members - server might sometimes make room for the VIP 
  • English only in main and team chat
  • No camping with vehicles in main base (including behemoth)
  • Teamstacking high KD visiting clans (more than 5) in the same team should divide to 2 different teams if they are making server unbalanced

      Breaking these rules may result in a warning, kick, or ban, depending on the severity

Please note:  Constant whining after admins has been warning many times will lead to kick. 

Server will stop at 6th of December, 2018